Calexico and Iron & Wine

Juli 29, 2019

Calexico and Iron & Wine

Calexico and Iron & Wine are teaming up for the first time in fourteen years to perform songs from their 2005 EP In the Reins, along with new collaborative music and selections from their respective catalogs.

MOJO called the EP “desert meets swamp” and gave In the Reins 4 stars, while Pitchfork stated in it’s 8.5 rating that “both acts are stronger for having worked with each other.”

This pairing is considered a highlight by many fans of both artists and is not to be missed.  


Calexico and Iron & Wine 21:00 Platea 55 €  | Anfiteatro 50 €, 45 €, 40 €, 35 € y 30 €
La venta de entradas por canales que no sean las Taquillas del Auditorium conllevan gasto de gestión.
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